Thursday, February 2, 2012

Healthy Hair Challenge: Jan Recap is a little recap on my healthy hair challenge for the month of January.  I'm so incredibly proud of myself for sticking to this challenge of protective styling.  After being natural for over 2.5 years, I have never worn a low maintenance style for more than a week tops.  To go for 30 days is a major achievement for me.  Now the question is, did protective styling benefit my hair overall?  Hmmm...we'll let the pics decide.

In the first pic, I took this on 1/7/12.  The 2nd pic was taken just two days ago.  My fingers are literally touching the top of my bra in the 2nd pic.  I totally gained my .5"!  I'm thisclose from BSL and I'm just too excited!  For my hair to show this kinda progress in a three week span is short of amazing.  Couple that with exercise 3x a week, healthy eating, and just leaving my hair alone definitely benefits and promotes hair growth.  To celebrate, I wore my hair out for the first time on the 1st.  I missed my big fluffy hair and I wanted to flaunt it as a reward for being so disciplined.  Here is my twistout from that day.

I flat twisted my hair in 10 large twists and set it with my Qhemet AOHC and sealed with my beloved avocado oil.  I had incredible shine and bangin' definition.  It was nice having my hair out for the day, but today I have tucked it away for another 30 days.  Now I have a bit of an unconventional approach to PSing.  I don't keep a style for 5+ days straight.  I have fine to medium strands and keeping twists in my hair for two weeks will result in knots, tangles, excessive shedding and other not so nice things.  So I typically wear a style for about 3-4 days, maybe 5 if I'm lazy and refresh, detangle, reset, and restyle.  I manipulate my hair 1x a week.  Hats off to those curlies who can rock twists for a month straight.  My hair would rebel in the worst way.  We all have to do what's best for our hair, and mine is thriving pretty well.  Here is my style for the rest of the week until wash day on Sunday.  Pinned up with no where to go!

That's my January check in/update!  February I'll be tucking those ends all this month.  Hopefully, I'll get these city twists this month so I can stop doing my hair for a few weeks.  I need a break. lol

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