Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 Natural Hair Challenge!

I'm a lover of natural hair!  I love everything about kinks and curls and Afro-textured hair.  I have been a natural gal for the last 2.5 years and it has been an amazing experience and journey thus far.  I did the big chop on June 13, 2009 and it has been bliss ever since.  My hair is has truly transformed the way I feel about myself.  Going natural gave me a new walk, new talk, a whole new perspective on inner beauty.  It has become a part of me that I will never let go.  I embrace my hair for what is, the way the good Lord made it.

This year (2012), I've decided to partner up with some other natural dolls for some healthy body, healthy hair challenges.  I'm an avid reader of The Natural Hair Haven, Black Girl With Long Hair, and my absolute FAVE, CurlyNikki. I love each of these sites in no particular order, but my heart lies with CurlyNikki!  I learned a great deal about my hair from these sites and I recommend them to anyone who is in the process of transitioning to natural or needs a few pointers to maintain your natural hair.  They are a God-send and everyone should know about them.

My 2012 Hair Challenges:  Protect Ya Ends (BGLH) and 12 inches in 12 months (CurlyNikki)
I'm not much of a protective style fan.  However, I know that it is necessary.  For the next 3 months (January 1 -- March 31), I will be tucking my ends away to protect them from damage in an effort to retain more length.  The ends are the oldest parts of our hair and is more susceptible to breakage, splits, knots, and dryness.  Couple that with mediocre maintenance is recipe for disaster.  So the next 3 months I'll be babying my ends and watching them very closely.  Keeping them moisturized, detangled, and protected from the elements.  This means I'm going to have to get pretty creative with PSing.  They tend to get redundant and boring, so I'll be switching it up between bunning, roll/tucks, and I'll be adding baby twists with extensions to keep me going.  No direct heat, except blow drying (2x a year).  I hope to retain up to 9" of length and be fully bra-strap length (BSL) by December 2012.  Is it realistic?  I absolutely believe so, if I go about it the right way. 
Starting length: My hair grows out in layers naturally.  I started with a tapered cut when I BC'd 2.5 years ago.  As of December 2011: I mis-measured my hair and I my numbers were off. are the more accurate measurements:
  • Bangs: 12"
  • Back: 11.5"
  • Sides: 11"
  • Crown:  12"
This is my plan:  I will protective style on a quarterly basis, resting 30 days in between quarters. 
  • First Quarter:  January 1 -- March 31 (Length Check)  Goal: 2-3"
  • Rest Month:  April (30 days)
  • Second Quarter:  May 1 -- July 31 (Summer months most critical.  Length check) Goal 2-3"
  • Rest Month:  August (30 days)
  • Third Quarter:  September 1 -- November 30 Goal 2-3"
  • Rest Month: December (30 days) Length Check and Results Reveal
Length Retention Goal:  7" - 9" for the year!
 Hair Pics:

How will I achieve longer, stronger hair and retain more length?  Check out my Healthier Me 2012 Challenge up next!


  1. I was going to join this challenge too on BGLH... but i just finished a challenge today and wanted to play around with my hair. Putting it up again for another 3 months eeekk... I'll decide by tomorrow and see if I want to join!

  2. Hi Valarie! Thanks for reading my post! I feel you, I'm not a PS fan either, but its worth a shot to try it. I'm sure I can stay the course for 3 months at a time. I hope you saw the results you wanted in your challenge! Heres to healthy, happy hair in 2012!

  3. Loving your hair!! Im also doing the 12 inches and 12 months challange on about to to so measurements and post pics on the thread
    Curly Nikki name Kutenthick1

  4. Hi Kutenthick1! Thanks for stopping by to check out my post! Thanks so much, I'll be doing a lot of my updates and posting pics here. I'm looking forward to our results at then of our challenge! Good luck to you, doll!

  5. Good luck on the challenge! Your hair looks great! :)

  6. @unpurposelyfunny: Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I'm looking forward to the progress!