Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Under Construction Again!

It's finally my turn! 

For the last several years, I have found myself putting other people's needs ahead of my own.  I discovered this in different areas of my life.  I'm considered the nurturing, unselfish, no nonsense type who always wants to solve the problems of the world.   At times it felt overwhelming, almost like an inconvenience. However, inconvenient or not, I always looked at the bigger picture and the overall result of my being there. 

I am a school teacher and for years I coached high school cheerleading.  It was definitely a rewarding experience, but it certainly was a challenge.  I was constantly pulled in so many different directions by my team, their parents, teachers, administrators, you name it!  I heard the praises, the complaints, the compliments, and the "haters", it all came with being in that position.  They either loved me or hated me.  Coaching became my life and I made it my mission to make it the best program for those who participated.  I gave my entire self to it and in the process, I started to put my dreams and aspirations on the back burner.  I put off grad school, relationships, and traveling just to keep those girls above water.  It was hard work!

The great thing about my teaching and coaching experience is it has lead me to my ultimate life purpose.  It has prepared me to take on the responsibility of an advocate for young people and help them to find their way.  Looking back, I did not intend to put off grad school as long as I did.  Five years ago, I may have attended school for a degree I ultimately would not use, because I did not know my purpose.  I would have simply acquired a masters degree with no clue of how or when it would be put to use.  This is why I'm thankful for the journey.  God prepared me, He tested me, and showed me everything I needed to see to bring me to this place today.  I officially stepped down from coaching this past school year and now I'm devoting time towards myself!

No more stress, no more anxiety, no more dreams put on hold.  2012 is the year that is all about ME!  It will be the year that I officially let go!  Letting go of when my husband will come, letting go of excuses, letting go of the what ifs.  I'm getting back to my needs, improving my mind, body, and spirit.  Starting from the inside out, I'll be focusing on a healthier lifestyle altogether.  I want to be more mindful of what I put in my body, stay more active and go back to dance class, start running consistently, do well my first semester in grad school, save more money (discipline), and channel my energy to all things positive.  To sum it all up, I'm under construction AGAIN! It's a good feeling! 

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