Wednesday, December 21, 2011

From Whom All Blessings Flow!!!

I just opened my eyes to yet another beautiful sunrise this morning!  Unknowing and unsuspecting of what this new day will bring, I get up to do my morning rituals, grab my phone to check my email and to my utter and most shocking surprise I receive an email from UNT (University of North Texas-Dallas) Counseling program.  In the email, it stated that based on my impressive academic credentials and my professional experience, the School of Counseling is awarding me a $2,000 academic scholarship for 2 years!!!!!

Can you say PSYCHED!!!!  I had no expectations to receive a scholarship.  I didn't even think I was being considered, but all I can say is LOOK AT GOD!!!  He knew, and He came through!  I'll be going 3/4 time (6 hours per semester), so it will pay for at least one course per semester.  Which helps tremendously!  This is what God can do!  Perfect timing to His perfect plan for my life.  I'm so happy and I can hardly contain myself!  Have a great day, loves!!!

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