Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pieces Of Me!

Taken by Christ Hanna

I love taking photos!  I'm a camera-freak and I'm always ready to strike a pose at any given time (when I'm picture-ready, of course).  I'll be sharing quite a bit with my readers, within reason, and I like to tell my stories in photos sometimes.  I love this photo.  It captured the very essence of who I truly am.  It is thoughtful, peaceful, relaxed, colorful, and it's ME!  The glow in my skin is fantastic and the outline of my face, arms, and lips is artistic! I wish my hair stood out more, but I just love the way my curl falls in face, too.  I rocked my luscious curly fro in this pic.  It's just beautiful in my eyes!  Sometimes admiring yourself reinforces how important it is to love the skin you're in.  Check out my previous post for my take on it!  Enjoy!

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