Tuesday, January 17, 2012

12 Books in 12 Month Challenge!

I promise, I've been in serious reflection mode ever since the new year began.  I find myself just thinking and piecing together my future quite a bit.  I feel like I need to take steps to stimulate my intellectual side more and start investing in quiet reading time.  What is motivating me to channel my energy towards a good book?  I've followed the maneandchic blog for quite some time, and I'm utterly amazed at how inspirational, the author, Kai, truly is.  She is constantly up on her reading game and is always dishing out awesome reads for her audience to indulge in.  Most of her books are motivational, inspirational, business driven and self-fulfillment pubs.  It's very impressive and not to mention, refreshing and stimulating. 

It's been a long time since I've cracked open a fulfilling book.  I've always said I wanted to read more, but I always get distracted or get too busy with frivolous things that I never get around to it.  Lately, my time has been spent working out, blogging, working with my mentees, and my job in general.  This is the year I've been setting forth different self-challenges.  I challenged myself to improving my health, my hair, and now I want to improve my mindset and spirit.  I'm challenging myself to read 12 books in 12 months.  I want to feed my mind and spirit positive energy and set myself up for more success, peace, happiness, joy and prosperity.  I owe it to myself to dig deeper for a better understanding of what life has to offer and how I can grab it by the horns and take control of my own destiny.  With that said, I will be dabbling in Ms. Kai's 2011 Book List and catching up on some good page turners.  I'm starting with one book per month to get adjusted to my new schedule and then go from there.  Like any challenge, getting started is half the battle.  The bookstore will be my new hangout.  I'm excited about this challenge.  It is actually quite productive and very worthwhile.

I'm looking forward to learning a lot more about myself and I also look forward to sharing my thoughts on each book I read.  I'll be posting reviews and feedback about them here on the blog.  Ready, set, READ!!!  What's on your reading list for 2012?


  1. I like this challenge. I find myself reading more now that my relationship with God is maturing. I have read many of Joyce Meyers books. I am reading now Get a Love Life, How to Have a Love Affair with God by Michelle McKinney Hammond. Looking forward to keeping up with you on your blog

  2. Yes, Crissy! That is fantastic! It's so healthy to feed your soul with encouragement, clarity, and positive reinforcement. I've read Get A Love Life and it's a great one! I need to revisit it and do a reflection on it. Please stop by anytime. I'll be posting regularly. Who knew I had anything to talk about? LOL!!