Monday, January 9, 2012

Protect Ya Ends: Week 2

Hey Dolls!

Week 2 and so far so good.  Week one, I was a little indecisive with how to style my hair so I had quite a few change ups.  I finally settled on the easy no fuss bun to get me through my week and weekend.  Today, I'm sporting another textured bun.  I know that bunning can't be my end all be all to protective styling, because too much of a good thing is not always good.  My edges may take a beating if done too frequently, so I'll be easing up on the bunning starting week 3.  I'll be going back to the tried and true twisted pinups.  By the end of the month, I'll be getting a more long term style (baby twists) to hold me over for about six weeks.  This will help me get through the first quarter of this challenge.  Stay tuned for that.

On another note, I did a length check this weekend.  The first one I've done since late August.  After 4 months, my hair grew a little.  I'm now about 1.5" from the top of my bra strap in the back.  I'm sooooo close!  My hair was more stretched in my August pic.  The January pic is not stretched at all.  I use my tattoo as my guide.  I'm sure by the end of this first quarter I'll be grazing my bra strap indefinitely!  *crossing fingers* Just when I thought my hair wasn't surprises me, yet again!  Check out my length comparison from August to now!  This is more motivation to see this challenge through even more!  My next length check will be in April.  Here's to another 3" of growth! Here's hoping!

Protect, protect, protect is the theme for 2012!  BSL: Mission in progress!

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